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Our contribution reflects our school's commitment to walk with our students in their daily use of technology.

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The faculty, staff, and administrators at BC High strive to build a community of men for and with others. This goal reaches beyond what they hope for in terms of student behavior in the classroom, cafeteria, library, and sporting arenas. They hope that students apply this ideal to all that they do, which includes their online presence. 

Students are reminded that using technology is both their right and responsibility. They have a right to digital access, but that means they also have the responsibility to use that right to benefit the lives around them. They followed the course modules in their advisory/homerooms over the first few months on the school year. During that time, they engaged in honest discussions about their use of technology, with its many benefits, while learning about their own responsibility to be not just a good digital citizen, but a future digital leader. 

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Jennifer -- thank you for sharing more about your school!