Digital Citizens Against Digital Pollution

A part of digital citizenship education should be digital content management - email, photos, music, social media. School routines can help.

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For the modern student, organization has new dimensions in the digital world. Students have hundreds of emails in their inboxes, thousands of pictures on their phones, dozens of versions of documents in their computer files, and multiple social media accounts. School tends to exacerbate the problem without teaching students the habits and tools to deal with the digital clutter so digital hoarding becomes the norm and adds to the low grade stress of life in the hyper-connected world.

Schools can establish protocols, rituals, and routines to build positive school culture around digital content for mental health. Lets create a movement against digital pollution!

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

Look at your students' email inboxes! Look at your own inbox... can we teach strategies to help both students and teachers make inbox zero a habit --

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Totally relevant!

This is a critical component to digital citizenship. This topic has gotten me to reflect on the digital habits of people in general. Because the cloud is such an expansive, virtually bottomless space, people take it for granted.

We produce junk, stir it, then hoard it. I think digital hoarding is just as toxic as hoarding in the physical world. It puts people into the habit of endlessly producing junk and then hoarding junk. I think it's possible that the psychology and science behind hoarding relates well to the state of mental health of youths and adults in terms of digital hoarding and polluting.

what I also think about here is that the habit of producing digital junk leads minds to care less about quality and credibility. As a result, engaging in junk just leads people to produce junk articles, junk trolling, junk bottoming, and anything junk that just fills up an endless expanse.

The more society engages in producing and hoarding junk, the more clouded truth becomes, the more difficult to discern credible journalism is, and the less value truth and quality has in our society.

Youve given me a neat component to think about. Bravo!