Have teachers & students create six word stories about digital citizenship.

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#DigCit6WordStories is a fun way to get your teachers and students thinking about what constitutes great digital citizenship. Share your ideas on Twitter using the hashtag!


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Hi Nancy,

Throwing a couple of ideas out there for your build.

a. I think teachers would love to see how you came up with your 6 word stories? What did that process look like on your end? What questions guided you? This piece would be great to add to your "build" You can add that as a slide to your build. Just upload as an attachment.

b. I also think your image of 6 word stories would also make for a great Poster in a classroom!

I like this collage!

I can see a teacher printing up all the 6 word stories of their students and making a collage like you did. Can you share how you made this image? Keynote? PowerPoint? You might want to include a video of yourself talking through how you made it, like this one on how to build a word cloud > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=my1JRX84tyc --I know yours is not a word cloud, but I like how he walks us through how to make it.

Just throwing some ideas out there Nancy-- let us know if we can help with the build, can't wait to see what you come up with!

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Hi Nancy,

First of all, thanks for participating in this collaboration between the Teachers Guild and ISTE. We really appreciate your contribution!

We’re in the last week of the build phase of the challenge on digital citizenship so it’s time to fine tune your idea before final voting begins next week.

Here are some things to consider as you continue to build on your idea:
- is your idea clear and will it inspire action from other teachers?
- would it be easy for a teacher to incorporate your idea about digital citizenship in their classroom?
- does your idea include some component of research and are there shareable resources?
- is your idea student-centered and does it promote agency?


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Have students winnow down the list to a few of the most important concepts, create buttons and ask students to "award" them to their classmates.

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I absolutely love this idea - just discussed it with a coach who wants to implement with her staff. Thanks for such a great connection to ELA/writing/digital citizenship!

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Challenge accepted! I want to do one too!

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Nancy, what a great idea and I love the image you included. 6 word stories are such a great way to challenge both teachers and adults to synthesize a big topic and pull out phrases that feel most important and resonant. This is such a great skill to have and such a fun project! Thank you for sharing, Nancy!

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This is so accessible and a good "hook" ! I can definitely use this wth my teachers. I'm thinking PollEverywhere which lets me create word clouds from people's responses. https://www.polleverywhere.com/how-it-works

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Nancy -- I love 6-word essays! I can see this being a great introductory exercise. Will be a great tool in the build phase. Thanks for sharing.