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Create analogue student profiles to encourage students to be kind to each other and share the right type of information about themselves.

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I recently visited a classroom where the teacher had printed out profile worksheets mirroring the fields typically found on professional sharing platforms like LinkedIn. 

Students completed  "profiles" by filling out the worksheet and adding a photo of themselves brought in from home. 

Over the course of the semester, students wrote "endorsements" of each other's skills, similar to LinkedIn. 

The teacher introduced this classroom system by talking with students about digital profiles and how it's important to be mindful about what information you share online, just as you would be on a public wall in a classroom. 

Objectives: The classroom ritual encourages student to:  

  • Think critically about what kind of information to share about themselves online 
  • Consider how they might positively reinforce each other both online and in-person 

Ideal for grades: 5th-8th 

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

The educator mentioned she was very inspired by Google and ISTE's Currilculum from the Be Internet Awesome movement. Check it out here:


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