The Start-up of You

Create authentic LinkedIn profiles that capture the professional version of each student and treat that profile as a start-up business.

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This past year I taught a course using Reid Hoffman's the Start-up of You as a framework. We focused on the importance of developing a LinkedIn profile that is professional and sustainable.


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Kevin, Really curious about this! It reminds me of Mona's idea on the platform:

She talks about a "shape your identity" class for high school students. How might we get students to dig deeper and share beyond the "on the surface" topics.

Can you share more on how this ? What grade level did you teach this to? I'm wondering if it's applicable to High School and curious on this idea of "sustainability"---how is this measured? Do you have a website you can share with us?

Thanks for posting Kevin!

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Thank you for the comment.

The students were primarily juniors at Malvern Prep(PA). Below is an article I wrote and published on LinkedIn to capture the course. I'm hopeful that students will maintain their LinkedIn profiles through the remainder of high school and then post high school.

The building of LinkedIn profiles was seen as a for of community assessment. The short term view was crafting a profile that represented their learning through the course. The long term view was crafting a profile they had to maintain and allow for their public footprint to build a strong network. As their profile grow, students will observe others properly using the professional platform and will motivate them to keep their profile current.

Here is the article.

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Thanks for sharing the link to the article. I can definitely use this in my own classroom!

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Hi Kevin,

First of all, thanks for participating in this collaboration between the Teachers Guild and ISTE. We really appreciate your contributions!

We’re in the last week of the build phase of the challenge on digital citizenship so it’s time to fine tune your idea before final voting begins next week.

Here are some things to consider as you continue to build on your idea:
- is your idea clear and will it inspire action from other teachers?
- would it be easy for a teacher to incorporate your idea about digital citizenship in their classroom?
- does your idea include some component of research and are there shareable resources?
- is your idea student-centered and does it promote agency?


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I really like the idea of branding yourself. You cannot stop the Internet from finding you so be proactive.