Have teachers & students create six word stories about digital citizenship.

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#DigCit6WordStories is a fun way to get your teachers and students thinking about what constitutes great digital citizenship. Share your ideas on Twitter using the hashtag!


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Hi Nancy,

Throwing a couple of ideas out there for your build.

a. I think teachers would love to see how you came up with your 6 word stories? What did that process look like on your end? What questions guided you? This piece would be great to add to your "build" You can add that as a slide to your build. Just upload as an attachment.

b. I also think your image of 6 word stories would also make for a great Poster in a classroom!

I like this collage!

I can see a teacher printing up all the 6 word stories of their students and making a collage like you did. Can you share how you made this image? Keynote? PowerPoint? You might want to include a video of yourself talking through how you made it, like this one on how to build a word cloud > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=my1JRX84tyc --I know yours is not a word cloud, but I like how he walks us through how to make it.

Just throwing some ideas out there Nancy-- let us know if we can help with the build, can't wait to see what you come up with!

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