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creating interactive elements in the physical space of a school may help counterbalance the intensity of the digital world

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 I love walking into the lower school build on my campus because the building itself invites interaction. I am thinking that giving students other ways to engage in real life vs. the digital world will help them develop stronger skills that translate into digital citizenship. Also Teachers Guild coach Paula Marra has helped create a learning spaces design deck that may help inform this kind of idea for schools.


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This is a really nice idea Paul,I agree with the balance aspect :)

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Paul we worked on this before. I agree the physical space is just as important as the virtual.

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Love how these ideas aren't so much about delivering knowledge about digital citizenship, but more about helping others live in the digital age.

The fringe wall, for example, is so simple yet it encourages action and self reflection, without digital dependence. In a sense, it gets us to look up from our phones!

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Thanks for the feedback Greg on my 3 submissions. I appreciate you taking the time. Please share any ideas you have about digital citizenship in general as well as ideas about how I might build on my ideas in the next phase of the challenge.