Presidential Campaign Project

Have students actively participate in running and winning a presidential election at their school!

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Congratulations on your nomination to run for President/Vice President in the upcoming election!  Now you must put together a campaign team to help you win your election.  Students will be split into teams of 10-15 students, depending on class size, in order to complete this project.  Students will be graded holistic and individually (Be sure and document your participation in order to justify the grade you believe you deserve).  The ultimate goal for each team is to create a campaign that has a stellar chance to win the election!  Follow my students currently campaigning on Twitter: AGHS Presidential Campaign -Twitter List

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An updated Presidential Campaign Project Guide for the students!

Presidential Campaign Project Rubric.xlsx

Presidential Campaign Project Rubric that is updated yearly to match the current issues of the U.S.

Expenditure Sheet.xlsx

An expenditure sheet to be filled out by the Finance Campaign Manager and shared with the teacher.


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Fantastic idea to hold mock elections! To capitalize on the election this fall, we're trying something similar by inviting kids to form their own political party and run for various offices. We're giving our candidates as much time as we can to share their party's platforms and initiatives, while also allowing them to debate the issues with each other. It's been fascinating to learn what they think is important, along with how they'd approach solving the problems they identify.

I love how you've scaffolded your own election by encouraging kids to think about the finer details of a campaign. Looking forward to hearing more!

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That's an awesome idea, can you share your plans or handouts?  That would be a great way to build on this campaign project I do!

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