Just, Free, Equal: Policy Investigation!

A year-long investigation of a pressing public policy issue provides integrated learning experiences and empowers students to take action.

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In response to public policy issues, students need fully integrated experiences and forums to understand public problems, to take action, and to believe in the power of their voices to change their communities.

This is not a one and done, but a consistent, thematic-campus wide, year-long initiative called Just, Free, Equal: A Policy Investigation. 

These aims can be accomplished through multiple components: (1) lessons delivered in content areas, (2) supplemental conversations with different stakeholders (i.e. brown bag lunches), (3) community-school film screenings, (4) field lessons, (5) town hall debates, and (6) a culminating "Day of Action!" where students either serve, educate, or advocate for policy changes.

Given the national focus on community-police relationships, students explore multiple perspectives about this important issue and make recommendations to their peers, the community, or policy makers on the "Day of Action!" 

Each year, schools choose a different policy investigation topic that could anchor cultivating the "Real World Connection" mission.


* Inspired by Dr. Dean, Dr. Wright, Stephanie Remick, Ashlee Lawson

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