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How might students engage with civics using the protest music of today?

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Fortunate Son by Creedcence Clearwater Revival [] was a popular anti-war protest song in its day. I wonder what songs of protest students identify with today? How might students connect their experience with those of previous generations of Americans? How might students use media [digital storytelling, song, poetry, etc] to make their voices heard?

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Hi Urbie, You must be reading my mind! I was just thinking about how we could engage students' civic voices by having them write new lyrics to existing songs. I look forward to seeing how you build out this idea!

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Great to "see" you over here!  Love the idea of connnecting to music. Funny, I remember doing a final project for an anarchy clsss in college where I created a mixed tape (dating myself a bit) with protest songs of the '60s on one side and protest songs of the '80s on the other. Then wrote up a comparison. Wish I still had that tape!!
Wanna start a google doc to start building out your idea?