Cross Curricula Civics (C3)

Making Civics a transformative and integral part of the school curriculum.

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Integrating Civics in content areas such as Mathematics to draw awareness to humanity and global connection. 

In times of disaster and recovery, discuss on distribution of necessary aide to areas affected, and how to equitable distribute resources. Calculate population of areas, volunteer personnel available, and design a plan of recovery and rehabilitation. 

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Just sent you an email.  Looking forward to working on this idea with you!  Looks like you've already received some great feedback!
:) Ellen

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I find this idea very exciting and motivating. It's the kind of project I could dive deep into both as a student and a teacher.  I love how it involves so many disciplines from the practical application of precise mathematical calculations, to focused knowledge  about the area to be served to the right-brained envisioning and then implementation of creating appropriate housing and and other temporary buildings and services. Math was my least favorite subject in school but engaging in a project like this would make math meaningful  because it's an essential tool to contributing to helping others in need. 

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Great idea, @barbara! Think of budgeting too and how to get things to each destination. Cross the curricular lines again to write proposals, etc.

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Yep. All part of it���� Mode of transportation most effective, distance to target site, fuel cost.  If by foot, length of journey, calculate how much food and supplies needed to make the journey by foot. Weather conditions. Fastest and or safest route of travel. Map it out. Designated rest points and quantity of supplies there. 

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Lends itself to Mathematical, Map skills, Geography, terrain, Languages, Art(for being creative with design of portable sleeping quarters,  or a vehicle for transportation of goods across varying  terrain)