A Portfolio of Me

Develop a portfolio of students creations, ideas, and work that describes them and their growth as a learner and a person.

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The goal of this idea to help students and parents understand the power of their work in and out of school.  This portfolio is not just showing their growth as a student in one subject area or class but is able to chronicle their journey as a learner and a person.  The image comes from the website and work done by Caitlin Tucker.  Her work hits on along with what George Couros promotes that students should develop a portfolio of their learning.  This along with a social network interactions and "about me" can be used for them to promote their work to future colleges and careers they want to pursue.  This will allow them to showcase who they are and what they accomplished over their time in school but even more so in their own lives. 

   The other component is that parents need to see the value and importance of this.  They can see the way the digital creations of their children or non-digital can be collected and preserved to be used for good.  Technology can take students to places they've never been and this can help them reach the goals they have.  

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Neat idea.  I have a vision of a next-generation personalized LMS and this is a major component.

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Hi Tyler! So glad you've joined the Guild and posted a contribution. Helping students to be comfortable with social media and sharing their work with a wider community is a great way to encourage students to share their civic voices. I would love to help you build out this idea! After the #scascd session that we attended today, I'm curious to think about ways that we can provide teachers with support as they implement digital portfolios and encourage students to share their voice on social media.