What are students creating?

My biggest takeaway from a day shadowing a student.

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I noticed great 21st-century learning when I shadowed a student through her day as an 8th-grade student. The experience left me wanting to see more student creation and publishing. 

It was heartening to see teachers leaving the stage as evidenced by just a few minutes of the teacher addressing the whole class in each period. Students worked on engaging material at their own pace using Chromebooks.

In one class, a teacher led a whole-class discussion about the death of Keith Lamont Scott at the hands of police. The discussion was good but I was left with the question, "so what are we doing about it?" I connected that with what students are doing in class - are they creating, making, publishing, and interacting with people beyond our school's walls? If students are creating on a regular basis, a discussion like that can be followed by student action.

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We stress student learning. We hold teachers accountable with standardized testing. But where is the focus on student creation? If students are not making things regularly, how can they possibly have a voice?


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