The World at 5

I shadowed a 5 year old during their station time to gain insight into their world.

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Following a five year old around is not an easy task. Their brains are registering so much it is astounding! The favorite station in my classroom is maker space. For me, at times, it looks like a giant mess. The adult inside of me wants to throw everything away. After watching this boy create a garage and think about every little decision he made, I realized that this "mess" was actually a very big deal to him. Shadowing a student also reminded me that when we think they are "just playing", often times, they are learning much more than we can begin to understand!

[Optional] Synthesize a little! What's one take away or insight to leave people with?

Learning is messy and that's okay!

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Hey Stephanie,

It does look like you posted in the civic engagement challenge. Did you mean to post to the STEM challenge? If so, find the "how might we" collaboration question about STEM and repost.  I love that you shadowed a student and want to dig into this with you once you move the post to STEM.