Stories of Outstanding Student Civic Action Projects

My book, "From Inquiry to Action," on student civic engagement provides stories on student projects to improve their school and community.

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Students are highly motivated to learn and to become active members of their community when they see that their voices are heard and taken seriously. It is essential that we develop a more engaged and responsible citizenry, and school is one of the few places where this work can be done.


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Photo of Steve Zemelman

Comments by 2 Chicago HS students involved in extensive projects to improve the school culture & fellow students' civic involvement:
Bea: I like working with other students, building relationships with them. I like the diversity, and getting to know kids from other grade levels. . . . I want more students to have this life-changing experience. It gives you confidence and makes you stand up for your own opinions.
DJ: When I came to this school as a freshman no one knew me, and there was no one to help me. Lots of kids complained and didn’t like it here. I don’t want new freshmen feeling the way we felt. Now I feel constantly energized about how we’re growing as a team. I’m more confident about my leadership and collaborating abilities. I feel like my ideas matter. I hope I can bring the lessons I’ve learned here wherever I go to college.

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