Making Your Mark

Students making their mark by creating classroom norms for collaboration.

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After reading the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds, students focused on how they can make their mark by creating the norms for collaboration. First grade students focused on the important elements needed for all of them to be collaborators. They focused on two essential questions. How do they create norms that make sure that everyone's voice and ideas are heard?  How to do they take those ideas and compromise and collaborate to create something? Students will develop those norms and then test them out in a creation project based on the book. First graders will reflect on their process and then create a final list of collaboration qualities that they will reference the whole school year to make sure that all first graders have a voice in the collaborative work we are doing. 


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Hi Mary Catherine, I love that you are providing a space for very young students to experience consensus building.  I also love that the list of qualities they create will be foundational for the entire year.  If students experience having a voice from an early age, imagine what they can contribute to building a better world. 

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Hi Mary Catherine, I love that you're asking students to dig deep and create norms that will allow all voices to be heard. It's so important to start the process at a young age. Our Ideate phase begins soon. I would love to see how you develop an idea based on the insights gained from your collaboration experience. So many possibilities with great books as discussion starters!