According to my students: immigration matters

"The best candidate for president thinks about immigrants, finds a solution to this problem and help immigrants stay in this country."

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Students worked individually to create letters to the Future President.  I am looking forward to seeing all of their contributions, but so far immigration has risen to the top of the issues they care about.


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Teresa, I am an ESL teacher of adults, mostly refugees, who didn't have a voice in their country.  I like this writing activity for many reasons, especially because it's a direct way students can immediately experience having a voice. They can grow their voice and their English at the same time. 

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Thanks for sharing Teresa! Is this a quote from one of your students? We'd love to learn more.

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Yes, students completed the Letter to a Future President and I picked one student quote to share!

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Can you explain that in your post!  And that's amazing you did that! Would you take some photos of the letters and share them in your post!  Or perhaps think about transcribing an entire letter that you thought was really powerful! We'd love that! 

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Hey Teresa - thanks for this quote! Was this something your student shared? Also - could you update your post with a photo! Thanks !