Get to know your community!

Learn more about the geography and demographics of our local communities to help us better understand what's happening in them.

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Given the extraordinary breadth of Los Angeles, it's helpful for our kids to learn what the city looks like, especially when most of them haven't yet seen other parts of it. Using a map like the LA Times Neighborhoods page, we can start comparing our own local communities to others and start asking questions about why the city looks this way. Using the map, we can ask questions that will ideally lead us to develop a better understanding of the city, while also helping us to generate further questions.

  • What does your own community look like?
  • How is it different from others in your city?
  • How did your city evolve to look this way?
  • Are there any changes that have reshaped the city? How and why?
  • What surprises us in looking at a map of our city?
  • What parts of the city are you curious to explore?

[Optional] Synthesize a little! What's one take away or insight to leave people with?

Starting with these questions, which other questions should we ask?


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