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#Fergusonsyllabus, #Lemonadesyllabus, #PulseOrlandosyllabus were all crowdsourced compilations to offer ways to learn more.

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I've been grateful for the trend of hashtag syllabi circulating around Twitter and the internet lately after important current events, from Beyonce's Lemonade album to the Charleston church shooting. They've led to important discussions among friends, discoveries of useful news sources or organizations, and new lesson collaborations with teacher colleagues.

I wonder what topic students would create a syllabus about. I love when students bring me a song, poem or video that relates to what we're studying in class, but could this encourage them to name issues important to them, compile a variety of resources, and see their offerings as valuable and educational to others. 

[Optional] Synthesize a little! What's one take away or insight to leave people with?

It's so easy to share information online these days, and a hashtag syllabus encourages others to learn about something you think is important. Let's offer that chance to students.


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Thanks Kim! This is a really interesting idea for sharing different ways to collect information on what matters to students! 

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