This is ME and I Matter.

When we learn who we are, we are able to identify those things that matter to us and advocate for a better tomorrow.

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Students can film themselves talking about how they identify culturally, what they like about their cultural background, something they do not like about their experience as a student and one thing they want the school community to know about them. The video can be shown to staff to help educate them about our students culture, viewpoints and overall experiences. It can be a part of a school wide advisory lesson. 

Any student group can create something similar. It helps student find their voice, gives a face to their real experiences and helps to educate peers and educators. 

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Hi Nicole, Powerful idea to have students record themselves and having them make that information available to teachers and the school community. I could see this as a great way to also help other students feel a part of the school community. You could start a shared Google doc and start building out the details. Happy to help out!