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Make connections to the news by watching, then responding.

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Students hear news all the time from a variety of different sources. It would be interesting to have students blog about what they have found.  Making sure the news is correct and they are collecting their information from good sources.

Students blogging the news and responding to it makes them more civic minded individuals.


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what a timely post! understanding the world we live in better. would each student be assigned a different reading material then they would compare notes? would love to hear more. Cheers, Paula

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I was thinking they would pick something relevant to them, maybe like how politics stand on things like education. Pick a point and research, then reflect on what you read.

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This idea is a great opportunity to teach students how to navigate potentially controversial topics and share their responses in an appropriate way.  I would love to see you build out this idea and provide teachers with some guidelines for getting this started in their schools.