Promoting Schools to Community Centers

Building school culture through community involvement.

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Culture building within our schools and among our distinct districts is a concept that is at the forefront of our purpose as educators. Establishing a positive and productive campus culture in our school systems allows our students the space they require to successfully navigate through their academic careers. In order for our students to succeed in the school systems we must foster an environment in which they are not only learning content but they are free to create, think, and ultimately contribute to a greater cause. In order to accomplish this, the environment must become theirs.

In order to do this a school cannot be a stand alone campus that is meant only serve from the first morning bell to the last bell of the day. Creating student led, school based, community centers in which schools are no longer limited to housing classrooms for students but are also used facilities for community improvement projects led by the students can help bring back ownership of the spaces meant to house their education.

Under this initiative, school campuses are no longer limited to their Monday-Friday, 7 am-5 pm hours of operation and serve a specific student population but rather community centers led and run by their student body that focus on community based events that promote community improvement.

  • Students sponsor local charities & charitable events on campus.
  • Students collaborate and build a community network of non profit organizations based out of their campus.
  • Community organizations can branch throughout the community by means of these networks.


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Hi Jazmin A. Gonzalez Congratulations on a great idea! I look forward to talking with you about the Build phase!

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