Mentor Kind-frontation

Students will be paired with a community professional for mentorship opportunities.

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In order to assess students' levels of civic responsibility and motivation to pursue civic engagement, teachers and counselors can work together to pair students with mentors for a semester- or year-long mentorship program. Mentees and mentors are matched based on similar career interests and passions. Mentors can work with their student to provide civic enrichment suggestions, cultivate college and career interest, encourage civic engagement within the school and community, and help develop the skills necessary to achieve a job in the desired career field. 

This learning partnership will provide opportunities for practice, focused listening, meaningful reflection, sincere kind-frontation (instead of confrontation), and collective discovery. Reimagined assessments such as a mentorship program allows the mentor to hold the student accountable and collaborate/consult with teachers, counselors, and parents about the civic development of the student.


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Hi Hanna, Great idea to pair students with community mentors. Taking the idea of civic engagement to the local level is a great way to inspire students and help them see the effects of their actions. One of the challenges with mentoring programs is finding a way to connect students with mentors and sustaining the relationships. The next step is to build out this idea and update your post with more detail that will help others to successfully implement. Please reach out if you have questions. 

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Should I update this specific post, or do I wait for the "Build" time period?

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Hi Hanna, You can continue to update the contribution page before and after build begins. You might want to start a shared Google doc to show more specific details of your idea. I'm happy to join in as you continue to build this idea.