Mash-Up Mixtape

Students make a mash-up mixtape of student voices, on issues of democracy. This Mash- up empowers both the speakers and filmmakers.

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This project empowers students to become media curates around Civic Issues. The idea is for students to propose a civic questions around a topic to young people. The students are then tasked with recording or filming  young people responses. Students could also use social media to solicit the responses. Questions should be open ended and centered around a topic, here is an example: "Democracy is it ready for Social Media?"

1. Is today’s social media good or bad for democracy?

2. How might social media of the future be BAD for democracy?

3. How might social media of the future be GOOD for democracy?

Next after receiving young people's responses to the civic question, students become curators and are tasked with making a cohesive story. The whole point of all this is to find those good, interesting bits in all of the raw footage that has been contributed to this project. Students then using the 10-15 second long sound bites they found, put together a story that original answers the question they posed.

Note: This Project could be audio or Film.

Here is working Google Doc on the project, please add your thoughts.

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Thanks for posting your idea!  I like the idea of students listening to other students to get their thoughts and ideas, and then putting that together into storytelling.  Wondering what age group are you thinking about since you mentioned interviewing 'young people?' Were you thinking about them talking with younger kids?  How would your students be sure that the others they talk to have an understanding of the topic being brought to them?