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It's time for a new approach to teaching current events.

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Let's teach current events with a new strategy: Students should spend as much time learning about current events as they spend doing something about them.

Does your class spend 30 minutes a week learning about current events through Junior Scholastic, Flocabulary, CNN Student News, etc? Then give students 30 minutes to blog, connect, brainstorm, and work on projects to address societal issues and problems.

Some more thoughts (10/6):

It is easier to do this if students are creating and publishing regularly in their classes. If each student has a blog, makes videos, and regularly connects with the outside world, the "take action" action piece is easier. An example of what it could look like when students take action:

If only students in every school made products like this to address issues relevant to their lives!


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Hi, Tom - 

Great idea! I agree that kids need time with current events and I LOVE the action / creation component. 

Have you thought about critical media literacy at all? I have been thinking a great deal about our needs in this space during the course of the election. It seems that we need to spend a bit more time helping kids think about what is accurate in terms of current events and how to evaluate sources before we send them off to react. I would love to see you build that in here. Not only time to be exposed to current events, but also time to critically analyze them and the sources of information. Then, when a solid position, build on / supported by evidence is formed, act. 

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