Culture of Trust, Respect & Responsibility

Students will learn about civic engagement with a focus on 3 learning outcomes: collaboration, oral and written communication.

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Students will participate in a mock presidential election at their school.  Two teachers will be selected to campaign against one another.  They will create their own identity or take on the identity of a popular movie character or animated character. The campaign will focus on a culture of trust, respect, responsibility during the campaign and debate.  There will be a debate between the two candidates in a town hall setting so that students can ask the candidates questions that are important to them - for example, longer lunches or recess and more access to snacks.  Teachers will work with the students on their written and oral communication skills before the debate. Students will collaborate to design the questions that will be asked to the candidates. Members of city council will be asked to come in to speak with students before the great debate.    

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Hi Scott, This is a powerful idea to have teachers model the election process through student coaching. The next step is to start a collaborative doc and build out some of the detail. You can also update your contribution with more information and add a profile picture and profile information. I would love to know more about where you work and live!