Creating A Positive Disruption

Empowering students to use art as a catalyst for change.

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The purpose of this lesson was for students to think about the power of their voice.  I began the lesson by writing the statement, "Kids have nothing important to say!"  The point of this statement was to get the students to create from a place of passion and not compliance.  We looked at several examples of artists who use their art as a catalyst for change.  

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This is a PDF copy of the way the lesson unfolded. This is two lessons over the course of two trimesters. In order for students to feel empowered, we must slow down to let them dive deep into the learning process.


This is a brief description of the project. I post this along with images, quotes, etc. to make the creative process visible. I believe that in order for students to find their voice, we need to give them opportunities to use it. The artworks that the students designed were incredible. I use my school website, to post images and explanations of the projects well. I recently adopted Twitter as a way to highlight the creative process as well.


Here is the artist statement for the above image.


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