Reimagine Assessments

There is no one way to assess civics - and that’s because it’s so encompassing. It can’t just be a simple multiple choice test or a performance essay because good civics is about how you prepare students to be civically powerful in the real world. But how do we as educators know we’re making progress toward that goal without some guideposts? Use this Opportunity Area to design tools or processes for establishing what good civics is - to us and for our students and that will serve as guideposts for other classrooms and schools.

Opportunity Areas:

  • How might we creatively assess civic engagement in our schools so we better emphasize high quality civics in our schools?
  • How might we emphasize quality interactions and problem-solving in civics through with better guideposts, assessments and frameworks?


  • What if schools developed a “civics award” for students based on criteria co-developed with students and the community?
  • What if units embedded a “civics rubric” to focus students’ attention on quality interaction and problem-solving?

Check out our Synthesis Snapshot here.  

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