Hack a thon for Civic Issues

12 hours of students hacking civic issues important to them, gathering to focus on ways to tackle real community issues

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The value of a hackathon is that it grants students 12 hours of undisrurbed time to take a deep dive into something that matters to them. What if this hackathon was focused solely on civic issues that are important to students? In this hackathon, students will be able to brainstorm and build an actual  prototype and they would be able to share it with a panel of organizations and agencies----People that could help them make their solutions take flight.  they'll have  a chance to pitch the solution at the end of a hackathon  and get real experience of justifying to others why this issue matters. Educators could join in as well to give students a holistic perspective of the issues they are trying to tackle. Let's hack into issues that matter!

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Would the students work for 12 hours straight? Two days of 6 hours of school? Love the idea--we've had great success with doing a community-focused hack-a-thon with our middle schoolers focusing on IotT and local issues.

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