Using Technology to Create Unique Experiences

I would love to use technology to provide my students with experiences they otherwise would not have due to their personal circumstances.

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With writing being a focus in 4th grade, we want to provide opportunities for our students to have unique experiences to write about.  Many of our students are unable to travel and experience different places and things.  We would like to provide our students with virtual field trips so that they have a myriad of things to write about when they are asked to.  Our students are great storytellers and writers, but they get stuck when they "do not have anything to write about."  Ideally we would love to have a virtual reality player that students can use to experience things as close to reality for them as possible so that they are able to use their descriptive writing skills.  Alternatively, we want to provide virtual field trips by creating and showing video or power point presentations about different places they could visit or things they could do.  We also want to incorporate feelings and sounds by spritzing the kids with water or blowing a fan if it is windy.  Those are just a couple of examples.  

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Great idea, Veronica! I wonder how many resources are already out there in terms of videos on You Tube or educational sites. There are so many science connections you could make as well! What is it like to fly over a volcano and why might I need a gas mask for the journey? What would it look like to travel over the surface of Mars or on the floor of the ocean? Why would I have to wear protection to travel to those places?