Partners in Solving Community Issues

I like the idea of getting students together with others in the community to list and creatively brainstorm ideas to solve real problems.

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Here is my Google Doc. I would love your thoughts! Especially on the direct links to STEM! Love the ideas I already received from comments!!

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I'm so interested in the intersection of our two challenges here: how do STEM and civics connect?

Problem-finding in community partners' work is such an amazing idea! This sparked an idea for me: What about a problem-finding field trip? Bring students to a place of work aligned with the discipline of study with the express purpose of finding problems that the students could solve.

What sorts of situations can you imagine where it would make sense for students to solve problems alongside community partners?

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I think the connection with community partners is very important our students move into later grades. It will help maintain their curiosity and interest if they can interact with people outside the classroom. 

I think a good opportunity would be if students could connect with local government to look for problems to solve within the community. Later on this could lead to looking beyond local to regional, national or global issues.

I also think that if the problem-finding can work both ways, with the students going out with community partners and the partners coming into the school to work with the students.

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