Neighborhood Book Boxes

Students design, build and place miniature libraries in their neighborhoods to spark curiosity.

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Many of my students have transportation issues that prevent them from attending libraries after school hours. The idea of Miniature Book Boxes would give them access to books after school hours as well as during the summer. The Miniature Book Boxes would include fiction and nonfiction books that would spark curiosity among the students.

This project is interdisciplinary and will incorporate STEM standards. Students will design and build the tiny libraries. They will also create STEM themed collections of interesting books along with prompt cards and challenge cards that will invite students to investigate their own community. For example, students who live near a watershed area might be prompted to find out more about the plant life that thrives in the area. They could follow-up with a challenge and create their own watershed garden.

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Reading books in the early stages and in schools is good for children's because reading books is good and it gives you a lot of knowledge and information and a good step is taken to give book boxes to students where they read books and make their own tiny library in my childhood i read different types of books benefit i get my reading skills is got better and better and also writing skills and I do my assignments for me without taking any help to anyone

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