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Conversations and purposeful planning with other content teams - especially for our English Language Learners.

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We are starting a new novel in one of my classes and I hear a kid say, "Oh! We know about Pakistan! We read a story today about Malala in Language Arts."

Isn't this something that can happen in all subjects?  I know ELA, Reading/Writing, & SS are an easier fit for this, but surely we can make this work in Math, Science, & Technology?  I'd love your thoughts!

I have decided how to focus on bringing this all together for our English Language Learners at our school!

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Here's my proposal:

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Hi Brooke, I work with students one on one, outside class. Enabling cross-curricular planning is essential--but I can't do it as a sole practitioner. Would you be willing to look at my proposal on using data in cross-curricular ways? Maybe we could team up?

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YES!!! This is so needed in our schools.  The way we compartmentalize learning--even from the physical layout of the building (math wing, science room, etc.) sends a message to kids that learning is done in isolation and this is so not true.  I would love for this type of cross-curricular conversation to happen more regularly at secondary campuses.

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There is definitely an interplay between cultural history and the scientific technology available at the time. We don't often think about how scientific advances of the past shaped our culture and our standard of living. There's a PBS series titled How We Got to Now that investigates the development of inventions we take for granted (like glass) and how they've shaped the world we live in. I wonder what it would look like if the story of our nation were told through the lens of our increasingly complex gadgets. What would that tell us about who we are as Americans?

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Yes yes YES, Brooke! I also wonder which curricular concepts span across all curriculums that your students engage in. For example, does data analysis happen in science, math, ELA, and Social Studies? If so, what would the implications for teaching?

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Thanks Brooke!! Creating learning experiences for kids that help them make bigger connections across content areas is important when we are trying to create authentic STEM experiences for them. I'm curious where this idea will lead to in the future! I'm curious.... what are you thinking about technology integration?