Creating a "Makerspace" in early childhood

I am designing a space in my school for children to go explore to get their imaginations flowing!

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As a Kindergarten teacher I am researching many ways to start incorporating STEM in my curriculum. I am ready to get started but I have the worry of where am I going to organize all the supplies, tools, recycled goods (which may look like a pile of trash) in an already full classroom.  I have also realized that our kindergarten students need an opportunity to just explore the materials and have the opportunity to create something before we can start using STEM with content. Our students need a "maker space" for this to happen.  After attending a brainstorming session, I was walking back to my classroom and passed the empty classroom next door to my room. That was it! The empty room would be the perfect start to a makerspace for our kindergarten students to explore in. I immediately scheduled a meeting with my principal to get this room approved as the future makerspace for young minds. My idea was approved! Now I plan to reach out to school community partnerships, parents, and district personnel to get the supplies and tools needed to fill this room. My first goal is to give the kindergarten students an opportunity to explore.  I plan to start the makerspace phase of exploration through small group rotations. The rotation groups will have between 8-10 students. I also would like to build a team of volunteers to help lead these rotations so that we are not taking teachers out of their classroom instruction schedules.

***Now accepting volunteer applications for my team to help my idea become a reality :) 

Check out my google doc for ways you can help!

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Hi Kara! Love your initiative in getting the additional space approved for your kinder maker space! At their age, exploration with little hindrance is the perfect way to get them ready for further STEM studies.

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