Building Social Skills Through Hands on STEM Activities

Empowering struggling students with essential social and emotional skills through group work and hands on STEM activities.

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Many of our students have academic gaps that often develop into behavior struggles.   I want to empower students and build on their strengths by giving them an opportunity to show what they have learned through building STEM projects or activities.  At the same time strategically grouping students so that we can target those in need of more social and emotional development.  The goal is to have activities student led were they can problem solve and use the social skills learned to be able to get along and complete the projects in a way that everyone feels successful and valued.  Ultimately teaching, building, and empowering the whole child.

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Hey Yolanda! Love students leading! What do you think this will look like actually implemented in the classroom? Is there a specific piece of this you are looking to start and see it grow? Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

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