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There is so much cool stuff happening in the world of e-textiles where STEAM meets fashion, interactive sculpture and many other art forms.

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There are so many exciting new things happening in the world of STEAM at the intersection of the arts and technology. It seems like an opportunity to pull in young women or students interested in the arts. I recently went to the "Manus x Machina Fashion in the Age of Technology" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and was so inspired by both the hand and machine-made work. There were fabrics and dresses that had been 3D printed. Embroidery that was "digitally manipulated to give it the appearance of a randomized, pixelated baroque pattern and then realized through a complex amalgam of hand and machine techniques." I loved the interplay of hand made and machine made. I loved that designers were using both as tools of self expression and creation. And I see this as a phenomenal opportunity to pull in students that are artists, designers and creators. It's an exciting time to be creative and an amazing time to be teaching. 

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Even if a maker space was more old school and was just about knitting or sewing, I would go.

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