The Students Surpass the Teacher

When students are in charge of their own learning they can master anything and teach their peers.

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In the beginning, I stood in the middle of the classroom and taught. I expected my students to learn and apply all my teaching and somehow pass the end of unit assessment. After having to reteach several times, I realized that I should be the teacher I needed when I was younger. I realized all the kids learned and applied their learning in different ways.  I then started to create activities in which the students could expressed what they learned using different modes. Some just wanted to write, some wanted to create a poster or a play! I found that the more I let them lead and take charge, the more they grew. They grew as learners, as thinkers, and they were also proud of their work! 


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I had a very similar experience with that same aha! Exploring how to design opportunities for kids to take charge of their own learning in their own way is such an interesting idea that could go in so many directions!!! I'm interested to see what ideas evolve from this insight!

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