The Kinder Journey Begins

I interviewed a parent who shared his experience at his very first official parent/teacher conference.

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I interviewed a parent whose child is in Kindergarten.  He didn't know what to expect at the teacher/parent conference.  He stated that his child's teacher is very knowledgeable and she wants his child to have success in school.  She shared the academic strengths she sees in his child.  The difficult part of the meeting came when the teacher began sharing the difficulties that this child is having in class.  She stated that he is very active in class and bothers his classmates at times.  When the child is not focused or at his designated area, he prevents others from learning. This made the parent feel a bit apprehensive.   He also had a lot of questions that he did not feel comfortable asking at this time.  He wants to support the teacher but also knows that he needs more information regarding the problematic behaviors described. He truly hopes this is a phase his child is going through and that he will outgrow this stage.  

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Parents need to be heard and as educators we need to be good listeners and realize that the information we give them could be thought provoking like it was in this case. We need to also be ready to have follow up meetings when parents need more information from us so they don't feel like they are alone in seeking answers to issues that are happening at school.


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