Struggling readers in STEM classes

Students struggling with reading are struggling in all subject matters.

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Roses: Students are successful readers with adequate support in my classroom.  It takes a lot of time, energy, and hard work (from adults and the kids) to make our Reading Intervention classroom work!  

Thorns: I see and hear about kids struggling in other content areas.  Some teachers may not know how to fill those holes/needs.  

How do we get struggling readers to be successful in all classes?  Can we see successful reading and writing happening in all content areas?


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This is something I think about also.  Our struggling readers often have unidentified strengths in math or science.  If we can build a strong literacy foundation, students will also be able to communicate in the languages of science and math.  Using writing to explain how to do a math operation is one idea.  Students could then write a script and produce a learning video to share with other students.

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I love this!

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