Mind blowing Movie-making!

I know STEM is happening when my students reach a level of mastery that allows them to successfully communicate their ideas and passions!

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This promotional video was created by a team of Film 2 and 3 students from 4 different high schools who were tasked with creating a promotional video about our school! They wrote, directed, edited and shot the entire video!


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Love this!! Your students are definitely driving their own learning. Watching them get excited made me want to enroll in a few courses, too. I wonder how we could find a way for students to use their talents to express their passion in every subject. Can't wait to see what's next!

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Thanks! Well, there's definitely different ways to express and demonstrate learning. Filmmaking is just one!  Honestly, we should ask kids how they'd like to show/demonstrate mastery of what they've learned.  We might be surprised at their responses!

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This is excellent Patty! The students definitely have a voice in explaining their passions and sharing with others. I wonder how we could leverage student voice and ownership over their own learning to create opportunities for all students. Thanks for sharing!!

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Thanks Lesli! I think when real-world questions and/or challenges are posed, students rise to the occasion. My students LOvE that their learning is directly related to the real-world and their learning results in a tangible, usable product. This not only motivates them, but it motivates me as their teacher to keep their experiences new and fresh and most importantly---RELEVANT. 

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Love this!
You don't really know something until you can explain it to someone else.
I wonder how we might make this level of storytelling a part of every class - every project - every interaction!

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Thanks! When kids take ownership and have the flexibility to direct their own learning, great things happen!