#MindblowingSTEM happens when...

Authentic STEM happens when parents, teachers, and learners work together on projects that shape their communities.

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#MindblowingSTEM happens when students, learners from other grade levels, teachers from various disciplines, and parents collaborate in the learning process.

  • “Wait, can I join in?”
  • “My mom knows how to do this - can she meet with us on Friday?”
  • “Can I play drums?”
  • “What if we interviewed BART users?”
  • “Are you serious? How is this connected to Literature?”

This is just a snapshot of questions I get when learners are ideating on STEM-based projects that are worthy of their time and best efforts.

The power structures and culture of a classroom shift in inquiry driven learning. Learners begin to see their their interests validated, their talents shine, and their expertise act as a catalyst for change in the real world.

[Optional] Synthesize a little! In one sentence, describe something you learned from your empathy exercises or analogous research.

Mind-blowing stem engenders creative partnerships that seek to solve problems facing humanity.


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Love how your idea integrates all subjects and makes those connections!

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Thanks! That is my one big goal for the year: more interdisciplinary units that collaborate with other subject areas. 

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Looks like you are teaching history/language arts.  Is it a humanities kind of class, or separate classes?  Before I started my Design Thinking adventure, 5th grade humanities was my main gig! Lots of room for integration there!

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