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Some students learn best when they can express themselves artistically. After noticing quite a few students doodling and not paying attention in our math class, I have decided to try and incorporate a bit of art in their work. Here is where I started. With the permission of another teacher, Mr. Morrison, I used him as inspiration for a crime-fighting superhero. The students had to solve absolute value equations in order to help the superhero. Afterwards, I had the students draw out their best superhero. I chose the four I thought were best and had the students vote on the one they thought was best. From that point on, I will be using the drawing of Mr. Morrison to give a visual representation of problems in exams and quizzes. 

From there, I am planning on building up the comic series. Ms. Magma and Mr. Frost are recurring villains. The students will have the opportunity to draw each of these characters as well, and again vote on their favorite drawing, which will appear on future exams.

[Optional] Synthesize a little! In one sentence, describe something you learned from your empathy exercises or analogous research.

Students have become much more engaged in the class, perhaps because they feel as if they are not only taking the course, but helping make it.


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I've seen a BUNCH of stuff in sketchnoting lately, and how being visual can actually help people learn better. This makes me wonder how sketchnoting might apply to math!

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