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Economics of Mobile Makerspace

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 Mobile Makerspace is a bus, van, RV, or a trailer packed full of educational toys such as 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters, 3D scanners, doodle bots, small robots, alternative energy toys, simple crafts, and so much more! It is about giving everyone of all ages the opportunity to get their hands into cool technology and learn about it first hand. From gluing paper, to soldering, forging metal and printing your own head in 3D. Build a Mobile Makerspace for your community, bring it to a library, school, or community center!

Bringing a Makerspace to Any Location – Including Schools, Libraries, Disabled & Senior Care Homes, Neighboring Towns & Cities, Remote Communities, Events, and Even as a Rental in Your own Driveway!

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How do we make mobile MakerSpaces more economical and bring them to underserved communities. Currently the mobile MakerSpaces in Vans, are to costly and can not be scaled up to implement in underserved schools with very limited fund. Is there a more economical way to make MakerSpaces?

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Hi William, This is such an interesting way to get resources out in the community to encourage thinking and learning in a meaningful way. These types of ideas always inspire me as I know it is so important for our students! I agree with Lisa, if you haven't checked out Caine's Arcade, it's something to see! It's so amazing what kids can do with the materials they have available!

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