I know STEM is happening in my classroom when students are driving their learning


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To much in education our students are robbed of their curiosity. In my classroom, curiosity and exploration come first. They examine pieces of material and form their own questions. From these questions, students go and explore ways to answer these questions. When they have found their solutions, they present them in a way that shows their mastery and understanding of their questions. 


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George thanks for sharing.   Do you have to fill in gaps with any direct instruction?  How do you get students from waiting for you to get them started, to them being self-starters and.?  What grade level?  Looking forward to you sharing more during the Ideate stage.  

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Hello James,
I teach 5th and 6th graders but work with 2nd - 8th graders in my role as Director of Technology Integration. My students for the most part are self-starters. I try to make it fun we start and have some kind of entry event when we begin the process. I utilize Just In Time Teaching when it comes to direct instruction. If they are struggling and need help, then I help. But I try to teach them how to find answers to their questions. 

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