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My class built machines to separate their mixture.

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My students built an ice cream machine that will separate the ice cream and each topping they put in their ice cream. Some students were really creative in building the model, and some were better at planning the model. Time and materials were the issue that I felt could have gone better. I think allowing those who are better at planning the option to use other resources to build their model would help. I learned that the students enjoyed having a model to show their work rather than just writing it down and explaining it. It allowed the students to be hands on and build something. 


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Hayley, you are on to something here!  Using models is a primary way that scientists make sense of the world since many of the phenomena we are seeking to explain cannot be visualized in real time or with concrete objects (like gravity, or atomic structure, or evolution).  I love the idea of students getting a chance to design their own models!

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