Design Thinking... for Kids

Inspired by the meteoric rise of 'design thinking' as a creative innovation process, we re-tooled it to be more suited to school students.

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On of our ambitions at Schoolhouse is to create progressive and innovative 'professional development' for educators. Looking at how widely 'design thinking' has been accepted by different industries - and most recently, by educators - we wanted to create a resource that helped teachers bring design thinking into their primary or secondary classroom.

You can read about the journey here:

We've attached the resources we produced (a guidebook for teachers and 'maps' of the process for primary and secondary students) in the hope that people find them useful, and that they perhaps inspire others.  


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Thank you for sharing the resources. I teach DT to 7th graders in an IB school. I've pulled together great stuff from many of the collaborators here in the guild and ones I've talked with on #DTK12chat. It looks like you guys are heading in the right direction with this. 

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