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The Code Red Hackathon happening at the University of Houston this month is inspiring me to think about how might we create this type of experience for our students here in Spring Branch. In this experience students are given the opportunity, resources, mentors, and time to work on literally whatever they want that is innovative, fresh, and technology relevant! These students are working until midnight to hack out their idea for judging the next day! I would love to see what this experience is like for the students that participate in it and how empowered they feel after being able to innovate and create! This link has more details about the event that will make you want to fly to Houston to attend! 

[Optional] Synthesize a little! In one sentence, describe something you learned from your empathy exercises or analogous research.

What I learned from my STEMspirations is that there are so many resources here in Houston as well as nation wide to help replicate incredible experiences like these to cultivate curiosity and problem solving for our kids!

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The concept of hacking (as in to take something standardized and make it custom to your needs or repurpose it somehow) is something I think our kids could really grab onto. What are some objects related to school that kids could hack to make better? I've seen Buzzfeed-like articles called "20 Ways to Hack Your Life" - how might they hack their school??