All Languages are Working Together

STEM bridges the language barrier at school.

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In ELL Algebra students made Balloon race cars, we took videos of our cars in action. Then we graphed our balloons cars over time and presented our information to the class. Finally we raced our balloons and made predictions on who would win based on the graphs.

[Optional] Synthesize a little! In one sentence, describe something you learned from your empathy exercises or analogous research.

I learned that STEM builds connections between English and Spanish.


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Trever! Great to "see" you again! This is awesome, love the simple machines. And the fact that building can create a bridge between two languages is incredible.  I would love to learn more about how and why STEM creates that bridge. What is happening for the student? Does the physical act of building make the material accessible?  It would be awesome to interview a student to gain deeper insights.  When I interviewed a student for this phase, it became evident to me that the physical act of making something has a lasting impact on students. They are able to recall steps of a process and the reason certain materials were used as well as who and what they needed to succeed. It was pretty amazing. If you are interested, you can listen to my short interview here:

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Love this, definitely will listen!!

Thank you.

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