Usme leads the change through science

Science teachers develop STEM activities that allow students to understand and tackle the environmental problem in Usme Doña Juana landfill

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Our vision as a “BIG DREAM SCHOOL” for 2020 is that Miravalle School will impact on Usme community bringing together both kids (students) and adults (teachers, school manager team and parents from the Usme Community. We want to articulate with private sector to build with young students a participative way to tackle environmental problems through Science, Technology and Engineering (STEM) activities from the classroom to the community about the main landfill of the city of Bogota: Doña Juana.

The impact of our day-by-day work is to understand the holistic problem of produce and manage garbage, because our community in Mirachuela, Usme has the most important contamination progress of all the city and our school have think more than just classes and academic approach: we want to be the leaders of a STEM project where all educative community participate. We want to become the first school at the city that process their own garbage and transform in usable products like propane gas and agricultural compost.

The STEM project started with the integration of environmental knowledge in the science class, after that, we worked as a multidisciplinary approach with teachers of literature (writing text and articles), social sciences (reading and re-writing the story of pollution in the landfill), maths to tackle the quantitative problem of contamination and pollution in our community and technology through the building of an innovative technology-based solution for the problem.

Finally, we invites civil society, community, public and private companies to involve in the hole process of the project. That´s why we are impacting not just with a great classes in the school, but leading the change through a scientific tackle of a community problem. We are transforming the STEM educational paradigms from the STEM classes to learning science, technology or maths to a STEM project that impact on living being of people of a community.

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