The Structure of Our Social System

A model in the form of a block and flow diagram defines what macroeconomics is and how it works.

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The model shows the circulation of money around our social system and it also shows the various goods, services, access rights, interest, taxes, etc which are in return for these money flows. The model has several other forms including a mechanical one in the attachment. This paper and model with photographs should be built and used for introducing students to our social system of macroeconomics for a whole country.


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Erin, the mechanical model is not difficult to build and might be part of a class project. But to answer your question, a civics teacher who has found that this model is a good way of describing of what our society consists and how it works, will use the model to add interest to the rather dry aspect of the national economy.  Alternately a teacher of maths would find that the associated equations and their solution easily illustrated by this model and use it to show an application for simultaneous equation solving.  If you haven't yet tried it please go to one of the attached MODEL s and then run through the paper to see the photographs of the model that I built.

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